Bloodbuy Makes Healthcare Global’s Top 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Startups to Watch in 2015

Ranking #2 Overall on Heavy Hitting List

TOP 10: Most Innovative Health Care Startups to Watch in 2015

By Stephanie Ocano - January 7, 2015

Entrepreneurs will be the ones to lead the reinvention of health care. Below are ten of the most innovative health care startups that are changing the industry for the better. 

10. Edamam

Revolutionizing nutrition with data, Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge and aims to become the nutrition engine of the web. The startup enables companies to provide real time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations to their customers.

9. TalkSession

TalkSession is a network of leading mental health care providers dedicated to making universal mental health care accessible, acceptable and affordable. The startup improves access to mental health treatment, utilizing mobile video to connect last-minute provider availabilities with patients on demand. Through web-based tools, TalkSession is enhancing the quality of care delivered and improving treatment outcomes.

8. was created to help medical practices and hospitals stand out and attract new patients. The platform allows people to find, review and book appointments with doctors and dentists, while empowering providers to control their online presence.

7. ABPathfinder

ABPathfinder provides autism therapy software as a therapy management tool to aid therapists in defining and administering therapy programs for patients with autism. Therapists save administrative time, reduce staff training costs and improve the quality and consistency of therapy delivery. Using data analytics, ABPathfinder predicts outcomes, benchmarks performance and acts as a resource for researchers.

6. Pocket Anatomy

On average, patients retain only 10 percent of the information provided by their doctors. Pocket Anatomy creates interactive 3D medical anatomy software as a visual aid for doctors to explain procedures and conditions. With backgrounds in medicine, game development and 3D animation, the founders of Pocket Anatomy hope to harness elements of gaming and game-based learning to promote the understanding of medical education and health care.

5. Twine Health

Twine Health is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software that puts patients at the forefront of their collaborative care. Clinicians and patients work together as a team using synchronized apps that work seamlessly across devices. Self-tracking tools allow patients to proactively manage their conditions and build self-efficacy, while clinicians use a powerful dashboard to identify patients who need help so that they can deliver support at just the right moments.

4. Docphin

Regarded as “The Bloomberg for Doctors,” Docphin provides mobile and web platforms to offer doctors and medical professionals a simple way to keep up with medical research. Health care professionals are able to personalize, access and connect through evidence-based research, while also enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements. Docphin is currently available at over 35 medical centers nationwide, including Harvard, Hopkins, Penn and Stanford.

3. Butterfly Network, Inc.

Butterfly Network is creating an entirely new approach to observe and heal the human body and couple it with deep learning and the cloud to enable insights that will profoundly impact society. One of the systems being developed by Butterfly Network is a medical imaging device that can create 3D images in real time. It is intended to be held up to a person’s chest and similar to a window, allow insight into the patient’s body.

2. Bloodbuy

The Dallas, Texas-based health care company offers a patent pending technology that connects hospitals and blood centers nationwide to ensure the efficient flow of life-saving blood products to patients in need. Hospital benefits: A direct access to a diversified base of premier blood centers. Blood center benefits: A direct reach to a broader base of hospitals across multiple geographies.

1. BioBots

Using blue light technology, high resolution printing and dozens of biomaterials, BioBots is the future of regenerative medicine. The high resolution, 3D bioprinter recreates the 3D structure of a tissue using a fabrication technique. The startup is committed to building a low cost bioprinter that is accessible to a large number of scientists, physicians and biologists to achieve the recreation of an artificial organ.

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